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Golden Nugz- 02-17-14

I understand that some of you have jobs that force you to go to work today. Since I have a job that doesn't burden me with work today, I've put together your daily look around the interwebz.

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UPDATE @ 3:46 PM: Michigan players Michael Downing and Andrew Sinelli suspended by B1G Ten.

Minnesota basketball fans love Pitino profiles!  Here's one from ESPN with Video.

Ustreet's article on the Hoopyball win over NW is here.  And if you want to read something not as good as his article, here's one from the Pioneer Press.

Sure this one's a couple days old, but if you just can't get enough football recruiting coverage, Joe Christiansen has a rundown on the 2015 recruiting push.  Already?  Yes.

Reusse just can't help talking about the old days when he writes, so here's his obligatory "back when" coverage of the Gophers vs. Wolverines series last weekend.

In case you were wondering, Phil Kessel is The Man.  He beat Slovenia 3-1 in Sochi, and the rest of the team added two goals as well.  Which leads me to ask the obvious question: why did he not play all four years???  Blake Wheeler also had an assist in this game.

Lastly, I'm a Gopher fan who graduated from the University of North Dakota.  The logical result of that combination is my seething distaste for North Dakota State.  Thankfully, the Gopher wrestlers dominated NDSU at the National Duals Meet.