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Golden Nugz - 02.18.14 - Encourages You to Eat at Buffalo Wild Wings

Doug Pensinger

Usually you will only see me endorse a product if it is somehow Gopher related and something that I think you'll find interesting or unique. But today I am encouraging all Gopher fans, especially those in Iowa, to go support Buffalo Wild Wings. Why would I endorse such an establishment? They are an international restaurant chain that is publicly traded and based in Minneapolis. But their being "one-of-us" has nothing to do with this.

Sometimes I may encourage you to buy or support something because there is something in it for me (BUY OUR T-SHIRTS). But again, that is not the case today (although if any big-shot at BWW is reading I'll gladly accept gift cards as payment for this free advertising. We did hold a TDG meet-up at your Rosedale location).

No, I encourage you to go eat wings at BWW because Buffalo Wild Wings Hates Iowa (even if they really don't). You see Black Heart Gold Pants is calling for a Mancott of BWW because in one of their new commercials the marketing geniuses who put this together for BWW put the Iowa NCAA Tournament loss to Northwestern State on in the background. You know, their last NCAA Tournament appearance 8 YEARS AGO. They were a 3-seed, upset by the historically dominant Northwestern State Demons!



I love it, I fully endorse this and we should offset the Iowa Mancott with an intentional TDG patronage!

If you want to see more of this game, I have provided some video highlights for you.

Thank you Buffalo Wild Wings for your awesome trolling.

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