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Minnesota Women's Hockey: Golden Nugz On A Potential Gold Medal Thursday

Quick links for lunchtime.

Gopher Athletics


The US Women's Hockey team takes on the women of America's Hat in the Olympic Gold Medal game today. Not just today, like, right now.  Details:

When: 12 Noon CST



Live Updates via SBN: Live bloggin' here

For anyone watching, you should consider this Nugz the TDG WOMEN'S HOCKEY GOLD MEDAL GAME OPEN THREAD. If Jeffrick cheers for Canada he should he roundly boo'd.

I shouldn't be too hard on him though, as he found this great video poem on the Eye on Hockey blog from  from American hockey fans to Canadians in anticipation of the upcoming Olympic battles between the women today and men tomorrow. It's cool and really well done:

From Jeffrick: "If you live in this state, you can immediately tell this video was shot in Minnesota, as well it should. Detroit might be Hockeytown for the Red Wings, but no where else in this country can claim the State of Hockey like Minnesota."

---OK, Basketball Free Nugz---

- Sid talks contracts for Kill and Pitino as well as athletics facilities fundraising:

"We’re finishing our fundraising feasibility study actually in the next 10 days, and things are looking good," he said. "We’re always getting some gifts; we haven’t gone public with any of those. But we’ll make some more announcements in the coming months. Things have been very good. I’m excited about the prospects. People are responding and our feasibility study has been very positive."

- B1G Night games in November? They might be getting closer. I'll believe it when I see it, but I'd be happy if it happened.

- TCF Bank Stadium will host another major concert this summer. Also coming to The Bank? A soccer match between Man City and Olympiakos.

- Jimmy Fallon, may your Tonight Show reign be long and wonderful: