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Minnesota Football Recruiting: Cody Poock signs with the Golden Gophers


Name: Cody Poock
Position: Linebacker
Hometown/School: Council Bluffs (IA) Iowa Western C.C.
Profile247Sports Profile // Scroll of the Sworn!
Rating: - 0.8069 Composite Score

How he fits:

A good playmaker against the pass, especially in his zone drops. Versatile enough to eventually grow into a middle or strong side backer. A solid tackler in the box.

Chances to play in 2014:

Almost a lock. The staff wants Poock to come in and compete at the weakside right away, a spot vacated by James Manuel and currently occupied by De'Vondre Campbell. Campbell could easily shift over to the strong side and take over for Aaron Hill. Regardless, JUCOs are rarely brought in to not play.