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Minnesota Basketball: Selection Sunday - Final Look at Predictions, Bubble Essentials, and OPEN THREAD

The day of reckoning is here. Will the Gophers make it into the NCAA tournament thanks to a selection committee who respects their SOS? Or will they head to the NIT? We've got a recap of predictions, viewing essentials, and and OPEN THREAD for you.

Streeter Lecka

Well everyone, Selection Sunday is here. Consider this your place to celebrate, vent, and talk about all things NCAA basketball. Regardless of what happens tonight, expect to see a post about the Gophers upcoming matchup and schedule (be it in the NCAA Tournament or NIT).

Today's Selection Show Essentials:

NCAA Selection Sunday Show: 5PM CST on CBS

NIT Selection Show: 7:30 PM CST on ESPNU

If we're lucky, no one here will have to care about the latter of those two shows. Yesterday's conference tournament results went pretty well for the Gophers' bubble hopes, but if you believe the experts the chances of an NCAA tourney berth aren't good.

Gophers On The Bubble Links:

Here's is where some experts (and a random blog I hadn't heard of) put the Gophers as of the time this post was published:

Lunardi: First Four Out

Palm: First Four Out

Bracket Matrix: First Four Out (only a tiny handful of the predictions they summarize have us in as a 12)

SelectionSunday of GopherHole: First Four Out. SelectionSunday follows brackets closely and has done pretty well in the past. I always enjoy readying his takes as a Gopher fan who tries to let the numbers and his experience guide his predictions. 73.87% chance of being IN the NCAA Tournament. What can I tell you about this site? Not much. Supposedly they have a pretty solid track record of predictions recently. Most important is that they have the Gophers in and Iowa out. I don't care if it's not what everyone else says. You predict the Gophers as 50% more likely to make the NCAA's than Iowa on a bubbly Selection Sunday and I'm going to toss you a link. =) Judges ruling on that?

Matt concurs. All hail the stat god.

How Are You Feeling?

Predictions From The Community?

Do You Have A Tasty Beverage Ready?