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Big Ten Tantrum Tournament 2014 - Fran McCaffery Reigns Supreme

All hail the new tantrum king of the B1G! IMPORTANT SERIOUS NOTE: Fran and his family are in our thoughts as his son undergoes thyroid surgery on Wednesday.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get to any of the joking stuff I'd like to be serious for a minute. My thoughts go out to Coach McCaffery and his family today. If you haven't yet heard his son Patrick is having surgery today to remove a thyroid tumor. I really hope everything turns out well and that Patrick makes a speedy recovery!

Ok, I'll be honest, I feel odd making huge jokes about Fran on a day like today. Just feels low. So this will be subdued recap of the BTTT. The Big Ten Tantrum Tournament drew to a close on Monday. This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but life and business and you know the drill. Sorry about that.

How did Fran earn the right to be called BTTT champion?

- Fran earned the #2 seed in the tournament from a panel of TDG writers

- He dominated Thad Matta 86% to 14% in the Quarterfinals

- Tom Izzo couldn't contain Fran, losing 77% to 23% in the BTTT Semifinals

- Lastly, Fran defeated Bo Ryan in the BTTT Finals 59% to 41% to claim the BTTT title

To celebrate, watch this GIF over and over while listening to One Shining Moment.



Seriously though, keep Fran and his family in your thoughts if that's your thing.