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2014 NCAA Hockey Tournament: East and Midwest Regionals OPEN THREAD

It's a big opening day of hockey, including a TEAM METEOR match-up to close out the evening.

Hannah Foslien

The shooty puck NCAA Tournament is here! What games are on tap for today?

1pm CST - East Regional semifinal: #1 Union vs. #4 Vermont  (ESPNU)

3:30pm CST - Midwest Regional semifinal: #2 Ferris State vs. #3 Colgate (ESPN3)

4:30pm CST - East Regional semifinal: #2 Quinnipiac vs. #3 Providence (ESPNU)

7pm CST - Midwest Regional: #1 Wisconsin vs. #4 North Dakota  (ESPNU)

Rooting Interests?

Here is my scientific breakdown of who you should root for:

Union vs. Vermont = Vermont. Why? Because Catamounts is an absurd attempt to come up with a non-generic big cat nickname. Industriousness like that that should be supported.

Ferris State vs. Colgate = Colgate. Why? Because 3 of 5 dentists agree that cheering for Colgate will help protect your teeth.

Quinnipiac vs. Providence = This is a tough one. I'll choose Providence. While their basketball team's bubble happiness helped spell doom for the Gophers, Quinnipiac's name annoys me and their arena is where the women lost the national title game last weekend.

Wisconsin vs. North Dakota = I'm cheering for Norovirus. Nothing but puking and pooping everyone involved in this affair.