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2014 NCAA Hockey Tournament: West and Northeast Semis; East and Midwest Finals OPEN THREAD

The busiest day of the NCAA Hockey Tournament is here!

Hannah Foslien

Jan Brady's NCAA Adventure

Do you like cawlidge hawkey? Well then you're going to love today's lineup!

2pm CST - East Regional Final: #1 Union vs. #3 Providence (ESPN2)

3pm CST- Northeast Regional Semifinal: #1 Boston College vs. #4 Denver (ESPNU)

4:30pm CST - West Regional Semifinal: #1 Minnesota vs. #4 Robert Morris(ESPN2)

5:30pm CST - Midwest Regional Final: #2 Ferris State vs. #4 UND (ESPNU)

6:30pm CST - Northeast Regional Semifinal: #2 UMass-Lowell vs. #3 Minnesota State (ESPN3)

8:00pm CST - West Regional Semifinal: #2 Notre Dame vs. #3 St. Cloud(ESPNU)

Rooting Interests?

Here is my scientific breakdown of who you should root for:

Union vs. Providence = Union of course! You're not a Confederate traitor are you?

Boston College vs. Denver = Going to have to go with Denver. WCHA 4 LIFE!

Minnesota vs. Robert Morris = Don't make me shake my fist at you.

Ferris State vs. North Dakota = Ferris State because duh.

UMass-Lowell vs. Minnesota State = Purple Cows, because I can't root for a team with a hyphen.

Notre Dame vs. St. Cloud State = Notre Dame, because Jan needs something to be upset about.