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2014 NCAA Hockey Tournament: West and Northeast Finals OPEN THREAD

Boston College, Lowell, and Gophers OH MY!

Adam Wilcox gloves a save.
Adam Wilcox gloves a save.
Matt Christians

Welcome to the final of the NCAA Hockey Tournament Regionals. The final two Frozen Four spots are on the line for the Northeast and West Regions!

4:00pm CST - Northeast Regional Final: #1 Boston College vs. #2 UMass-Lowell (ESPNU)

6:30pm CST - West Regional Final: #1 Minnesota vs. #3 St. Cloud(ESPNU)

Rooting Interests?

Here is my scientific breakdown of who you should root for:

Boston College vs. UMass-Lowell = UMass. I mean, BC is really good and deserves to be there. But I don't like them come tourney time because they are good and deserve to be there.

Minnesota vs. Jan Brady State University = Don't make me shake my fist at you.