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Minnesota Football: Goldy's Run, The Gopher Football Spring Game, And A TDG Tailgate - What Could Be Better?

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How many chances do you have to finish a race at the 50 yard line of TCF Bank Stadium AND tailgate with folks from The Daily Gopher community all in the same day?


It's time for another TDG get together! And the Gopher events calendar has given all of us in The Daily Gopher community multiple chances to meet up, all in a single day. So circle Saturday, April 12th on your calendar friends! Because rain or shine, cold or...less cold, members of the TDG staff will be participating in the 4th annual Goldy's Run as well as tailgating prior to the Gopher Football Spring Game.

The Plan

Not all the details are finalized yet, but here is the basic framework:

- Goldy's Run starts at 8am (or 8:10 if you're doing the 5K). Full details on how to register, cost, full schedule including packet pickup times, race course map, etc. can be found here.



- Unless you're planning on being one of the Top 3 finishers, this means folks will finish up with the run between about 8:30 and 10:30 depending on which event you choose and how fast you go. If you've got kids who are participating in the Goldy's Gallop Kid's Run, you probably won't finish until about 11am or so.

- The tailgate will start around the 10:30 mark (probably). This is a bit up in the air as I haven't seen anything from the U that explains when they'll allow tailgating/parking for the Spring Game to start. Goldy's Run racers usually sell out the lots around the stadium and C37 (north of Mariucci/Ridder), but of course they also empty out as folks finish. There is likely no chance that we'll know exactly where we'll be parked in advance, but the general plan is for TDG folks who are participating in Goldy's Run (or who are willing to get up early to hang out in the parking lot) to meet up and establish a TDG Tailgate section as early in the AM as possible. Since parking is first come first serve, it may be difficult to all park near each other.

- I'll definitely be wearing some form of Zubaz depending on what the weather is like, so finding the TDG crew should continue to be an easy task. We'll have something else to ID the tailgate as well, not sure what that will be yet.

- The Spring Game is at 1:30. The plan would be to tailgate for as long after the Spring Game as folks want/the U allows.

- We'll put up another post with the final plans as April 12th draws closer, so keep an eye out.

Non Schedule Related Notes

- If you plan on participating in Goldy's Run make sure to say what event you're planning to run in the comments. If you're someone who enjoys running with others it could be fun to have a group of TDG folks run together (assuming folks can agree on a pace and such).

- Not really feeling the "run" part of Goldy's Run? Me either. Usually I'd run the 5K but I am way out of shape and that isn't changing in a month. So I'll be the tall Zubaz wearing fellow who is walking the 5K. If you're on the fence about participating come join me and we'll walk the 5K together! Your registration ($40 right now, $45 if you don't register by April 9th) goes to the U of M Amplatz Children’s Hospital so you're helping out kids. Plus you'll get a sweet Dry-Fit style shirt and a medal.



- Fundraising. We're not organizing any additional fundraising tied to the run as a TDG staff (too much going on for each of us unfortunately). However, if someone in the community would like to take the lead, the U has made it easy for folks to do additional fundraising for the Children's Hospital and there are additional prizes for the organizer based on certain donation levels. If you get a fundraising page going, be sure to let us know via a FanPost.

I'm excited to meet more members of the community and I hope to see you at the Run, TDG Tailgate or Spring Game!