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Gopher Basketball Picks up 4th Commitment From 6-9 Forward Gaston Diedhiou

Andy Lyons

In a VERY surprising development, it appears as though the Gophers have received a commitment from a 6-9 forward from Senegal.  His name is Gaston Diedhiou.

Diedhiou is 20 years old and he is currently playing basketball in Spain at Canarius Basketball Academy.

You can see video below of Diedhiou and it appears as though he is an athletic forward who can run the floor.  You don't see a lot of scoring, particularly shooting, in the video but he is a physical presence defensively and shows some athleticism.

This addition is a surprise commitment.  I expect that Diedhiou will get a year to develop his skill set before being needed for frontcourt minutes in 2015-16.