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Golden Nugz: 4.16.14- You're the Only Ten I See / Richard please stay. Also, MSU Mankato and Todd Hoffner... LOL Whut?

PLEASE RICHARD DON'T GO! Also, the most successful program in Mankato transformed from a rising star to a burning dumpster.


In the most interesting news for hoops fans today, it's rumored that Richard Pitino is on the short list of coaches for the Tennessee job.  In the words of Rivers Cuomo: say it ain't so!

UPDATED Report: Minnesota's Richard Pitino could be among coaches considered in Tennessee's search | Gold in the Barn |

In other squeaky shoes news:

Gophers basketball team increasingly looking outside U.S. for talent -

As it turns out, the Frozen Four had quite a few viewers.  No data is available on which market had more viewers, the Twin Cities Metro/Out-state MN vs. Schenectady (that's in New York [the state, not the city]).

Frozen Four TV ratings see significant increase | Ice Gold |

Speaking of beating North Dakota, the baseball team knocked off one of the teams from the snow desert state. Also #MNCruitin

Gophers Win 5-3 over Bison - University of Minnesota Official Athletic Site

Gophers baseball team signs Reggie Meyer of Totino-Grace -

Want a little face time with some Minnesota coaches, but don't have the guts to break into their house to tell them how you have the perfect defensive strategy to beat Michigan?  Here's your chance to have them come to you.

2014 Gopher Road Trip Dates Announced - University of Minnesota Official Athletic Site

Here's some NR news.  Take that, Sparty.

Gophers Top MSU on Senior Day - University of Minnesota Official Athletic Site

Finally, in case you haven't heard, Todd Hoffner was forcibly reinstated by an arbitrator into his position as head football coach at Minnesota State Universiy; Mankato.  Not only is it amazing that MSU was dumb enough to suspend/reassign/fire him for a crime he didn't commit (managing to trump up a bunch of charges to try and legitimize the firing) they also fought in an arbitration to keep him away and avoid paying him what they owed him.

Unsurprisingly, they lost.  Very surprisingly, they didn't have the common sense to immediately issue an apology to Mr. Hoffner and work on a smooth transition or figure out  a way to keep him in Minot (where he already had a new job).  In the absence of that apology, Hoffner decided to immediately resume his position in Mankato.

Some men can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with (even though an apology and a big fat check would have kept him away).  Some men just want to watch Mankato burn.

Ex-Minnesota State, Mankato coach Hoffner gets emotional as he announces his return | Star Tribune



MSU blew this from day 1, that being the day the charges against Hoffner were dropped and he was cleared of all wrong doing.  They continued their disastrous approach right through the start of today's spring practice.  Did anyone bother getting the players together to make sure the program could go forward with as minimal interruption as possible?  NOPE!  Instead, they had to stage a work stoppage just to get a meeting with the AD.

Minnesota State, Mankato, players refuse to practice as coach Todd Hoffner returns -

MSU-Mankato players refuse to practice, want interim coach back | Star Tribune

Finally, here's a very brief video of the turf being ripped up at TCF.  Bring in that Ziggy money.