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Golden Nugs 4.17.14- The Wussification of NCAA Football Continues

No more hitting the QB below the knee huh....this will work out well----not

This hit is now illegal.  Thanks NCAA!
This hit is now illegal. Thanks NCAA!
Bob Levey

Well it appears that the NCAA is continuing on its path to turn college football into flag football by the end of the decade.  Their latest move is to protect passers from low hits by now making it illegal to hit a qb below the knee when he is in a passing posture.  Defenders are also not allowed to roll or lunge towards a quarterback anymore as well.  Violation of this rule will be a 15-yard roughing the passer penalty.  A full description of the new rule is here.

I understand the safety issue...but really how many injuries will be avoided compared to stupid penalties  handed out.  I'm sure this one will be just as controversial as the targeting penalty once it actually called in a game.  In fact one prominent player is talking out about it already.

Florida State botched the Jameis Winston rape investigation? Whats next, water is wet?

Amazing article on former Gopher Peter Westerhaus.  Westerhaus who enrolled at the U in 2011 from Holy Family after being named Minnesota Mr. Football.  As a red-shirt in 2011 he got up to his playing weight as a linebacker at 235 pounds.  In the fall of 2012, after feeling ill he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.  At one point prior to surgery this past winter he was down to 150 pounds!  He had surgery to remove his entire lower large intestine, and is recovering well.  Recently he was offered by Coach Kill to do some student coaching with the Gophers.  In another testament to Kill's character, Westerhaus says this about him,

"He’s been incredible, checking in, calling. It’s really been amazing. It’s like he has a sixth sense where he knows when I’m really having a tough time I’ll get a call from him and it really picks me up. He’s been so understanding and great to our whole family. He’s an incredible man. Great coach, but how he has treated me through this has been unbelievable. What he’s gone through, he’s an inspiration. He and I can relate on a level most people can’t. Being able to talk about things has been nice. That relationship, that bond, that connection."

Ever wanted to pretend you were a DI football player?  For three days and the low price of $2,000 Coach Kill and the Gophers will give you that opportunity. The "Boys of Fall Elite Camp" will coincide with the first three days of the Gophers fall camp.  From the camp description, "Campers will receive an in-depth look at Coach Kill's offensive, defensive and special team's philosophy and will be able to attend all team, position and special teams meetings with student-athletes and coaches. Attendees will also attend practice each day and will partake in the team's training table. Each person who attends will also receive gifts, athletic gear and will eligible for raffle prizes."

So go live those dreams son!!

Former Gopher Tom Serratorre signed a AHL try-out contract with the Adirondack Phantoms and scored his first professional goal in just his second game with the squad.  Serratorre also got a four minute roughing penantly and a ten-minute misconduct in the third period. breaks down the eight Gopher hockey Alums playing in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The #12 ranked Gopher Softball team will have their toughest test of the season this weekend as they play a three game series at #3 Michigan.  Friday night's game is at 5:00 on Gopher All-Access, while Saturday night's game at 6, and Sunday's game at noon will be aired on BTN.

The Gopher Baseball team has a three-game series in Iowa City against the Hawkeyes this weekend.