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Iowa Football Recruiting Coordinator Resigns For Best Reason Ever!!!

This is not a joke...

Culvers.....Really?  Not even a Casey's Gas Station?
Culvers.....Really? Not even a Casey's Gas Station?
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Johnson is the Iowa football recruiting coordinator and assistant defensive line coach.  Actually, he was the Iowa football recruiting coordinator.  He resigned from his position this week.

Johnson spent fifteen years with the Hawkeyes, coaching several players who went on to play in the NFL. He is not just some nobody off the street.  He has a football pedigree.  So why is Johnson resigning from Iowa>  He must have another great job offer at another school or even the NFL?

Or he and his family are moving to Nashville and opening a Culver's restaurant.  Seriously.  NOT A JOKE!

As many have put it on twitter, this is the most Big Ten thing a Big Ten school could ever Big Ten.  Needless to say the reactions were...priceless.

The even more hilarious part, if it can get much better is that Johnson was heavily involved in the recruiting of several highly-rated prospects who now will most likely drop Iowa from their lists including one whose name you might recognize?

All for the allure of butter burgers, cheese curds and frozen custard.  Damn you win again.