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Minnesota Basketball: Offseason Discussion Topics: What Are Your Expectations for Gopher Basketball 2014-15?

Mike Stobe

I'm not going to say much here, just wondering what people's expectations are for Gopher Basketball in Richard Pitino's 2nd season.

My guess at starting lineup and first guys off the bench.

PG Deandre Mathieu
SG Andre Hollins
SF Carlos Morris
PF Joey King
C Elliott Eliason
Bench Maurice Walker
Bench Nate Mason
Bench Charles Buggs
Bench Josh Martin
Bench Dequein McNeil

The order of who gets most minutes off the bench isn't necessarily in order after Walker and Mason.  And of course starters at PF and C may be interchangeable.  But don't get hung up on projecting starters and minutes, what are your expectations for that corp group of guys above?

We don't know the schedule but that shouldn't stop us from discussing what we are expecting from next year's squad.