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Golden Nugs-Evening Edition 5/14


Today I was on a subway with a crying baby for 20 minutes. As a non-terrible person, I don't get  frustrated by crying children because that's a thing that happens and I am an adult. HOWEVER, I submit that there's no worse mode of transportation to be stuck with a crying baby than public transportation. Planes are fine because it's possible to put in ear plugs and for any plane ride longer than an hour there's the knowledge that the baby will simply cry itself out. If you're in a car with a crying baby, there's a high probability you know the baby. In that case, there's no sympathy to be had.

Public transportation is a whole different beast. The subway train/bus starts and stops at (to the crying child) random intervals, so any lull in the crying will be started up again at the first sudden movement. The adult supervising the child and surrounding passengers feel the need to have awkward conversations about their day as if there isn't a crying baby right next to them.

Most devastatingly though is that your destination is going to arrive soon. There's no time to ignore the crying baby or accept that its piercing screams are part of the natural "music" surrounding you. I only had two thoughts while riding the subway: 1. "There's a crying baby on this subway car." 2. "Hey it's my stop. I wonder how much longer that baby will be crying."

Of course it could have been worse; the baby could have been a spoken word group. On to the Nugs.

University Wide

They may not get paid, but student athletes at Minnesota are graduating. The NCAA APR Reports were released today and Minnesota athletics performed admirably. All 25 teams received a passing graduation rate. 18 teams, including Men's basketball and Men's hockey, received perfect 1000 scores for the 2012-2013 season. To think that it was only a little over a decade ago that the basketball team didn't write their own papers. Gopher Football posted a 994. Major congratulations to the players and coaches for this achievement.

Jerry Kill

Coach Kill plans to make a "major announcement" on Thursday in conjunction with the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota. He will be speaking at Kiernan's at 10:45 in the morning. Afterwards, Kill will be throwing out the first pitch at the Twins-Red Sox game.

Women's Basketball

Marlene Stollings signed her first recruit, 6'1" forward Shae Kelley. Kelley is a graduate transfer from Old Dominion who picked the Gophers over Louisville, LSU, and Michigan State. She played in an up-tempo offense and was named 1st Team All Conference USA last year. Kelley is an athletic scorer and should provide the Women's basketball team another interesting piece along side Amanda Zahui B. and Rachel Banham.

Men's Golf

Andy Greder at the Pioneer Press has a nice profile of Jose Mendez, the freshman leader of the University Golf team. The Gopher golf team knocked off perennial power Illinois in the Big Ten Championship. Mendez was named Costa Rica's Athlete of the Year in 2013 by the Costa Rican newspaper Al Dia.


Minnesota Baseball concludes its season this weekend at Indiana, the reigning Big Ten Champions. The Gophers are 26-20 (12-9 in conference play). The three game series will be broadcast on BTN.

Track and Field

Men's and Women's Track and Field head to the Big 10 Outdoor Championship this weekend.

Great Use of Your Lunch Break Tomorrow

This article from Every Day Should Be Saturday performing the experiment that we've all been waiting for, "What would happen if you created a Kliff Kingsbury Tinder account named Griff Cheesman and used it to catfish other users while sending messages of only Ginuwine lyrics?"