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Minnesota Football: 100 Days Till Gopher Football!

MOAR of this PLease!!!
MOAR of this PLease!!!
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

100 days from today we kick off Gopher Football 2014 with a Thursday night home game against Eastern Illinois.

Here's 100 reasons, and surely not all of them to be excited about the Gopher Football 2014 season!

  1. #Year4
  2. Jerry Kill is a good coach and a better man
  3. An experienced and monster offensive line
  4. Maxx Williams as a sophomore
  5. New Field Turf and heating coils
  6. Year of the Moose
  7. A B1G schedule that does not contain Rutgers or Maryland
  8. The Governor's Victory Bell is not to be played for
  9. Dramatic Gopher
  10. Jonah Pirsig earning playing time
  11. Tailgating...TDG Tailgate maybe?
  12. The Ohio State University is back at TCF for the first time since 2010
  13. Another chance to get the Axe
  14. The maturation of Donovahn Jones
  15. Jeff Jones to the right, Berkely Edwards to the left
  16. A very good and deep secondary
  17. Start of football means just 6 weeks till hockey season (this was from DarkKnight, I thought we were never more than 5 weeks from hockey season)
  18. Beating Michigan at home #amiright?
  19. Peter Mortell gifs...and punts I suppose
  20. The entire stable of running backs
  21. Vikings $$$
  22. De'Vondre Campbell with a year under his belt and a freak on the field
  23. David Cobb with another 1,200 yards
  24. A trip to TCU and a chance to beat a Big 12 team
  25. Theiran Cockran making a run at double-digit sacks
  26. Maryland-I I mean Golden-I
  27. Having Golden-I mentioned on ESPN's coverage
  28. Freeing Floyd
  29. A 6'10" TE lining up for a red zone touchdown
  30. Jerry Kill back on the sidelines, and staying there
  31. Matt's Charts and Chalk posts
  32. Recruiting visits and getting overly excited about 17-18 yr olds visiting TCF Bank Stadium
  33. Golden-I
  34. Scroll of the Sworn!
  35. Will we need any true freshmen receivers this year?
  36. Drew Wolitarsky emerging as our go-to possession receiver
  37. Marcus Mike Sherels continuing to climb the coaching ladder
  38. Josh Campion earning All-Big Ten honors
  39. GNOMES!!!
  40. Experiencing TCF Bank Stadium in temperatures ranging from +100 to sub-zero, just like last year
  41. The opportunity to exchange tats for game-worn Ohio State memorabilia when the Buckeyes come to town
  42. Zac Epping getting mean
  43. A week of innuendo-laden blog posts about the Horny Horned Frogs
  44. The chance to politely welcome Middle Tennessee State's fan (singular fan) to Minneapolis and offer to show him around
  45. Hating Iowa, even if Norwood doesn't hate them.  We hate them.
  46. A healthy Marcus Jones returning kicks
  47. Getting to travel to Lincoln to be welcomed with open arms, only to watch our team beat them for the second year in a row, ending Bo's tenure there
  48. Another opportunity to see Rex Burkhead's mom dancing on tables at a Lincoln bar.
  49. TE porn (Maxx, Goodger, really tall guy, Anyanwu)
  50. The return of Briean Boddy Calhoun
  51. Secret fist bumps with Matt in the press-box when the Gophers score
  52. Watching Scott and Hendrick Ekpe battle for who is the best Ekpe
  53. A 245 lb kicker
  54. GoAUpher getting to do the "backfield chomp"
  55. Eric Murray taking the next step to being one of the best corners in the Big Ten
  56. Scrapping all WRs and fullbacks...using TEs instead all over the field
  57. Retribution year for Derrick Wells
  58. Damien Wilson establishing himself as a tough and feared MLB
  59. GoAUpher getting to wear Zubaz!
  60. Golden-I
  61. Cedric Thompson replacing Brock Vereen
  62. A passing attack that doesn't rank last in the Big Ten
  63. A rushing attack that leads the Big Ten
  64. Berkley Edwards breakaway speed
  65. Donnell Kirkwood trucking defenseless defensive backs
  66. GoAUpher getting overly excited about a really tall guy playing TE
  67. Making a 3rd straight bowl game
  68. Sid swearing in the press-box
  69. The 2014 Marcus Fuller QB controversy
  70. "And that's another Golden Gopher..."
  71. Cheerleader pics in TDG Gameday pics posts
  72. Jalen Myrick in the secondary
  73. Eric Carter getting a chance to contribute
  74. Facing San Jose State when they don't have a QB with unhuman accuracy
  75. TDG Hangouts
  76. Bourbon (that has nothing to do with football, I look forward to this everyday)
  77. Golden-I
  78. Who steps up to anchor the middle of the defensive line
  79. Free Floyd!
  80. Debating whether or not boilers are an efficient means of heating a structure with any Purdue fans that roam into your tailgate
  81. Buying at TDG T-shirt
  82. Knowing no matter what happens we will have at bare minimum one trophy in the case at the end of 2014
  83. Drinking nothing but Minnesota Beer during football tailgates
  84. Grilled wings in Lincoln
  85. Barbeque in Fort Worth
  86. Zingerman's in Ann Arbor
  87. The Red Shed in Madison
  88. Binge drinking to forget you are in Champaign
  89. Watching the student section be full, at least for a few games
  90. That first really loud Rouser after a huge play
  91. Doing the Gopher!
  92. Phil Who?
  93. Cheering the now 5x National Champion Dance Team
  94. Golden-I
  95. Hearing Mortal Kombat from the Band
  96. Senior Day for Kirkwood, Wells, Fruechte amongst others
  97. Better Dead Than Red!
  98. Did we mention we still hate Iowa?
  99. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
  100. Golden Freaking I

Obviously we missed please add on in the comments!