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Friday Nugz Before the Holiday Weekend

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Kill and other Gopher coaches are on the road, hitting up out-state towns and preaching the gospel of Gopher Sports.  Speaking in Willmar yesterday Kill talked a bit about recruiting philosophy.

Later in his speech, Kill said, "We're not going to beg people to come to the University of Minnesota. We didn't do it at Northern [Illinois]. We didn't do it at Southern [Illinois]. I want kids to want to come here.

"You start begging and doing all that stuff everybody else does to get them, it's going to get you in trouble, number one. And second of all, if they don't have their heart in it, you're not going to win.

"And right now, we've developed a bunch of kids, and they want to win. They're working hard."

Christensen goes on to wonder which recruit that was targeted at.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!