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Gopher Basketball Minnesota Football: Golden Nugz: 05-27-14

Mike Stobe

I know it feels like a Monday around here but take heart, it is already Tuesday!

Amelia has an interview with Coach Pitino available.  They talked about how this is the first year where Pitino will be a second-year coach at any institution.

"I'm excited about it," Pitino said. "I just did two first years in a row, which is very difficult as a head coach. So now, moving into the second year, now we can focus on just getting better and learning from all the mistakes we made last year."

Above all, Pitino said he has two aspects he wants his summer workouts to address: improving team chemistry and toughness.

A very good article, we expect nothing less from Amelia, and worth a read.

Maize n Brew, our SBN sister site who covers Michigan, is taking a more in depth look at the Gophers this week.  They begin with a look at our schedule and they see some optimism for at least a repeat of last year's success.

Given who and where some of the games are this year, eight wins will not be a disappointing result. The schedule is wide open with winnable games for the Gophers. Factor in Minnesota's depth at running back, Leidner's ability to also run the ball, and guys like Drew Wolitarsky and Maxx Williams receiving and there is a recipe for Jerry Kill to take yet another step forw

I too would not be disappointed with 8 wins.  Maize n Brew has several other Minnesota preview pieces up with more to come so be sure to check them out this week.