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Gopher Hockey: Mike Reilly IS COMING BACK!!!


Not much to add here but a thread for comment fodder, but All-American Gopher defenseman Mike Reilly announced today that he will return to the U for his junior season instead of signing with the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Reilly decided that another year with playing with his brothers Ryan and Connor was more important than signing a pro contract. 

I'm excited to be coming back to Minnesota next season. We've been incredibly successful over the last two years, and I'm looking forward to more of the same next year."-Mike Reilly

Reilly will attempt to be only the sixth Gopher in program history to repeat as a First Team All-American.

That leaves Kyle Rau and Brady Skeji as the only real remaining flight risks for the Gophers as they look to defend their Big Ten Championship and return back to the NCAA Championship game in 2014-15.

The rumor mill is also positive when it comes to Skeji. While no official announcement  has been made, many Gopher insiders are fairly sure that Skeji will return for his junior season as well.  The steam is the same for goalie Adam Wilcox who also appears solid in returning for his junior season.

Thus, the one name Gopher fans will have their google alerts set for in the next few weeks should be Kyle Rau.  Florida allready signed Rocco Grimaldi from North Dakota this off-season, which could make a case for Rau returning to Minnesota for his senior season.  we shall most likely have an answer soon.