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BREAKING NEWS: Gopher Sports Equipment Sale Is This Saturday

Looks the U is trying to keep the athletic staffers from getting crushed by Black Friday size crowds.

Gopher Sports Facebook

Around three weeks ago TDG community member m20woody wrote a FanPost to ask an excellent question: "Is there a Gopher Sports Equipment Sale and if yes, when will it be?" Well, m20woody, the U just gave us our answer:

That's right folks, the biennial Gopher Sports Equipment Sale is happening this Saturday! Here are all the key details:

When: Saturday, May 10th; 10am CT to 2pm CT

Where: Sports Pavillion - West Entrance


What: Looking for Gopher Gear? You'll be able to find new and used equipment including:

The Gopher equipment staff will be cleaning out the storage areas and selling items including:

  • Apparel
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Football Jerseys (limit 2 per person)
  • And much more!

Important Notes:

- Jersey sales are limited to 2 per person

- Cash, checks, and credit cards will be accepted

- All proceeds go to the U of M Athletics Scholarship Fund

- If you were to wait until about 1:30 PM to go there are members of the TDG staff who would thank you. But if you actually want to get what you want that's probably not the way to go. ;o)

Shop Safe and Ski-U-Mah!