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NFL Draft 2014: Brock Vereen - Where Do The Mock Drafts Think He'll Go?

3rd Round? 4th Round? 5th Round and beyond? Where will Brock be drafted?

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This will be a shorter, slightly less SBN specific version of the post I did yesterday for Shede. For those who missed yesterday's analysis the premise is simple...I go looking for mock drafts too see what the conventional wisdom was about when Brock Vereen will be drafted and who might draft him.


- Since only a limited number of SB Nation blogs did mock drafts that went deep enough to offer Brock a chance to be picked I expanded by search to other networks and sites.

- Just like with Shede, I ignored community drafts.

Blog Team Where They See Brock Going
Cincy Jungle Cincinnati Bengals 5th Round - Cincinnati Bengals
Big Blue View New York Giants 5th Round - New York Giants
Behind The Curtain Pittsburgh Steelers 3rd Round - Minnesota Vikings (Bucky Brooks) N/A 3rd Round - Minnesota Vikings Player Draft Profile
N/A 3rd or 4th Round N/A 4th Round - Cincinnati Bengals N/A 3rd Round - Cleveland Browns
Bolt Beat (Fansided Team Blog) San Diego Chargers 3rd Round - San Diego Chargers

The Breakdown

- I looked at two other SB Nation NFL Team Mock Drafts that went through Round 3. Neither one had Brock listed.

- Even with that caveat, 3rd or 4th round seems like the landing spot people see for Brock.

My Thoughts

- I'm a terrible judge of safety talent and I couldn't tell you if Brock to Minnesota is good for either party. But I'll never be sad to have a Gopher player I love end up playing for the hometown NFL team.

- I'd also be excited to see him end up here in Cincy now that I live here.

Good Luck To Brock and Go Gophers!