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Welcome To TDG Everyone!

New member or old timer, you folks are the ones that make this community great. So welcome and thanks to all of you!

Hannah Foslien

Ah yes, the big welcome to The Daily Gopher. Long time TDG readers will know that "Welcome to TDG!" is my calling card in the comments. I've made it my goal to try and welcome everyone who enters our commenting community. Because you know what? It's not always easy to jump into the conversation with folks who have been bantering together for years.

But with life outside TDG taking me away more and more in recent months I suspect I've missed some folks. And I've always felt bad that there are long time TDG members who were here before I started the practice and who never got their own welcome. So I thought it would be nice to offer everyone a great big WELCOME TO TDG! to make up for everyone I may have missed over time.







All of you are the reason we enjoy writing here and the reason the community has grown so much in the past few years!


If you haven't joined TDG/SB Nation yet, you really should. TDG isn't the only great community in our network and signing up is easy. No one sells your information or any of that nonsense. Most importantly, it's fun. So go to the upper right corner of the page, click Sign Up, and get started!

If you have joined TDG/SB Nation but are lurking, come join everyone in the comments! I want to welcome a bunch more people to TDG in the coming weeks, months, and years and you can be one of those people. This community gets stronger with every new viewpoint that gets shared, so help be a part of making TDG even better than it is today.


Again, thanks to everyone who reads, comments, lurks, tweets, likes, or interacts in any way with The Daily Gopher!