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Golden Gopher Hockey: Kyle Rau Spurns NHL to Return for Senior Season

It's official!



Kyle Rau has announced that he intends to return to the Golden Gophers for his senior season.  This means that all Golden Gophers with eligibility will be back on the team for the 2014-2015 campaign.  Expectations will be through the roof, because this team is arguably the nation's most talented.

To the intrepid business owners in Dinktown I say this: it's time to double down on your property insurance.  *NOTE: NOT CONDONING RIOTS.  DON'T BE IDIOTS.

That said!  Let the internet rioting begin!



What are the practical results of Rau's decision?  Well, the Florida Panthers are out one helluva player.  They chose Rocco Grimaldi over Rau, or Grimaldi forced himself on them so they had to pass on Rau.  Either way, I know of at least one SBN writer who will be disappointed the Panthers didn't lock him down.

I presume Rau will be the Gophers Senior Captain, to follow up his Junior C last season.  He brings excellent on-ice leadership.  He really is a consummate professional, which is another reason Florida fans should be disappointed their organization didn't sign him.

He also brings excellent formidable talents to the offense and excellent hustle and positioning in the defensive zone.  I can't remember a Gopher player that frustrates oppenents quite as much as Rau does.

Gopher fans, our expectations for this season probably just booked a flight to Loonyville, even the moon.  We'll have more on that later.  For now, let's just get excited for the potential of another fantastic Golden Gopher Hockey Season.

Be sure to let us know how jacked you are for Gopher hockey in the comments!

PS- All credit for this to Nate Wells over at SBN College Hockey.  Follow him on Twitter!  @gopherstate.