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Minnesota Gophers Football: Beer Sales Expanded At TCF Bank Stadium

Do you enjoy getting a cold adult beverage at TCF? Reports are that it will now be easier to do so.

Dan Mullan

Delightful news everyone!

When the Gophers play their opening game of the season at TCF Bank Stadium on August 28 against Eastern Illinois fans will have more locations to buy beer and wine.

A source told Sports Headliners that approximately 150 points of sale in the stadium will serve customers—about double the number from last season.  That means about 150 workers available to sell alcohol in different parts of the stadium.  Also new is beer and wine will be sold 90 minutes prior to kickoff and through the third quarter—compared with 60 minutes and through halftime in 2013.

The athletic department is making the changes to create a better fan experience.  In the past, the stadium beer and wine locations were overcrowded (plaza area only) but being able to purchase those alcohol products at regular concession stands, creating additional points of sale, will provide more efficient service.

This calls for some appropriately titled music!

This isn't especially surprising news. Beer was served throughout TCF for the outdoor Hockey City Classic game this past January. Plus in case you hadn't heard, this is the year the Vikings start playing in TCF. Which means between the addition of temporary seating in the west plaza and the VIKINGS FAN DRINK LOTS OF BEER stereotype, this was pretty much an expected outcome. Still, it is to be rejoiced because HOORAY BEER! and HOORAY MORE MONEY FOR THE ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT!


Not an actual type of beer you can buy at TCF because colors.