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Minnesota Gophers Football: What Does Vegas Think?

Do the sharps forecast good things for the Gophers?

Ethan Miller

Let's face it, the most important voices in the cacophony of predictions we get to peruse in the offseason are clearly from the city of Las Vegas.* And those voices have released their infallible rankings. So let's take a look and see how the Gophers fared. (All odds courtesy of Bovada)


Who Will Win The B1G Championship?

School Odds
Ohio State 1/1
Michigan State 9/2
Wisconsin 9/2
Nebraska 5/1
Michigan 6/1
Iowa 12/1
Minnesota 33/1
Northwestern 40/1
Illinois 66/1
Indiana 66/1
Maryland 100/1
Rutgers 200/1
Purdue 250/1

That's about where I'd expect Minnesota to be. The B1G West has 7 6 of the Top 9 spots in the odds rankings. I can't tell if that is Vegas saying the west is strong or them hedging the fact that they have less of a feel on what will happen in the West Division.

Who Will Win The B1G West Division?

School Odds
Wisconsin 6/5
Nebraska 3/2
Iowa 5/1
Minnesota 10/1
Northwestern 20/1
Illinois 33/1
Purdue 100/1

Again, right about where I'd expect Minnesota. I'm just glad to see Vegas avoid some ranking Northwestern higher BS.

School Odds
Ohio State 2/5
Michigan State 13/5
Michigan 5/1
Indiana 33/1
Maryland 50/1
Rutgers 100/1

I'll admit that I don't think Vegas odds are the end all be all, but if you're a Rutgers fan seeing this and still thinking your team is going to do well in your first B1G season...well, you're not going to like this fall I don't think.

What do you think?