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"Like" The Daily Gopher On Facebook!

Never miss out on the latest TDG stories while also breaking up the flood of pet and kid pictures in your timeline.

What do you think of when you hear something mention Facebook?


"The social media site I left because my parents are on it."

"You mean the online repository of pet and child photos?"

"I'm younger than 20, what's a Facebook?"

These are all valid responses. However, the true answer to "what should you think of when you hear someone mention Facebook" is The Daily Gopher. Why? Because we want and need you to like our Facebook page!

To be truthful, we've underutilized Facebook in the past. We updated the page sporadically, delivering nowhere near the level of links to TDG and Gophers related content that our followers deserve. I'm here to tell you that Facebook is now going to be a much bigger part of what we do at TDG. That's why we need you with us!

Why You Should Like Us On Facebook

-  If you're not on Twitter, this is a great way to know when a new post is up at TDG. Heck, this is true even if you're on Twitter in addition to Facebook.

-  It's a great way to make sure your friends and family benefit from all of the great stuff we post at TDG. Seriously, if you follow us and then like/share the posts, it puts the stories in front of a much wider audience. Yes, that makes the click counter in me happy. But it's also good for the TDG community. Having more people reading and commenting on TDG is what will help our community remain strong and fun to be a part of!

Following TDG on Facebook means you'll get to see something other than cat/dog/kid photos all day. And if you really love all the cat/dog/kid photos it means you get to add another thing you love to the list of things you see on Facebook!

- Distractions. Because you know you didn't want to do that work anyway. This just makes it easier for you to avoid whatever it is you don't want to do. NOTE: TDG does not endorse you losing your job. Please don't get yourself fired.

How Do I Like TDG On Facebook?

It's easy!

1) Do you already have a Facebook account?

- If Yes, skip to step #2

- If No, go to Facebook and sign up for an account.

2) Head over to The Daily Gopher's Facebook Page.

3) Click the "Like" button.


4) Share your favorite TDG stories with friends and family. Especially the Badger/Hawkeye friends and family. You know you want to.

Have You Liked Us Yet? You Really Should!

Seriously, I'm not too proud to bleg. Won't you please like us on Facebook?


This kitten would really appreciate it if you liked us on Facebook. (via