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Minnesota Gophers Football: Jerry Kill's Secret Recruting Rub Recipe & Grilling OPEN THREAD

A TDG EXCLUSIVE! Plus a chance for all of you to talk about food. Because food is delicious!

That isn't a play sheet. It's a recipe card.
That isn't a play sheet. It's a recipe card.
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

I'll cut right to the chase because the U will soon be knocking at my door for what I'm about to reveal. Through a combination of little birdies, close personal friends, and hard nose detective work with my crack team of investigators I was able to discover the secret recipe that Coach Kill used at his BBQ this weekend.


Our crack team at work, via

And in the interests of good blogging, I share that recipe with you:

Coach Kill's Secret Recruiting Rub Recipe

1/2 cup Tracy Claeys at the Home Run Derby

1/4 cup TCF Bank Stadium

2 tablespoons of staff continuity
1 tablespoon folksy charm
1/2 cup bluntness and honesty
1 tablespoon Twin Cities in summer

1 teaspoon of an awesome last name
A sprinkle of time in the largest locker room in college football

Speaking Of Actual BBQ Rubs...

Are you a grill master? Want to prove it? Consider this an open thread to share your rubs, tips, or other secrets of the grill and smoker with the community.

Or you can share your own version of Kill's recipe for fun. Either way.