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Big Ten Media Days 2014: Media Poll Released - Gophers Picked 5th In West

I only have one major problem with the B1G Preseason Media Poll that was released on Friday.

David Banks

Were you aware that the Big Ten stopped doing an official media poll a few years back? I'll be honest, I'd forgotten that fact (tells you how much I worry about media polls on the whole). It could also be because the folks at the Cleveland Plains Dealer have done a good job of running an informal poll since the Big Ten stopped doing the official version. In any case, the media poll is out and here are the results:

B1G West Division

B1G East Division

Team Points Voted 1st Team Points Voted 1st
Wisconsin 183.5 15 Ohio State 195 23
Iowa 173 11 Michigan State 180 10
Nebraska 157.5 5 Michigan 136 0
Northwestern 112 0 Penn State 105.5 0
MINNESOTA 96.5 0 Maryland 84 0
Illinois 58 0 Indiana 78.5 0
Purdue 31.5 0 Rutgers 33 0


Ok, that's about what I'd expect. Except for one thing. Do you see it? Can you spot the issue?



Look, I like Pat Fitzgerald. I think he's done well for himself at Northwestern. I respect the work he and his evil baked potato did to ensure Iowa cried salty tears of unhappiness. I don't really have any issues with the team or the school. But they aren't going to finish in front of Minnesota this year. That's right, mark this prediction down. Northwestern will finish behind Minnesota in the standings. Why? I think Minnesota is better, I think they beat Northwestern head to head, and assorted other gut feelings not represented by statistics. With that in mind, I'd like to have Jerry Kill explain his feelings on the matter:


(hat tip to @LPWildcat for the 'Shop work)

Thoughts Unrelated To MN

- In an outcome that should surprise no one, the media is a lot more sure about the order of the East than the West. Ohio State is the clear favorite to finish first with Michigan State the clear favorite to finish second. You be assured that many Michigan State fans blame Jim Delany and some tinfoil laced conspiracy for this.

- Cue the Rutgers fan cries about disrespect.

- I would not be surprised to see Penn State (and even Maryland) finish ahead of Michigan. I'm not sold on Michigan. I think the Gophers would stand a much better shot at beating Michigan if the game weren't on the road again.

- Poor Indiana. You're going to fire another coach aren't you?

- The West is a crapshoot, but the easy schedules for Iowa and Wisconsin makes me pretty confident one of them will win it.

- Congrats Illinois, no one thinks you're the absolute worst!

- Purdue. /snickers

What do you think?

Do these rankings look right to you?