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Gopher Football: Golden Nugz: 07-29-14

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

I recognize that we are in the throws of Big Ten Media Days but I'm going to lead today's Nugz with a Women's Basketball profile on Carlie Wagner.  Amelia put together a great feature (as usual) on the incoming freshman.  I appreciated it because I share the same hometown as Wagner.  The gym that she and her teammates filled to capacity is the same one that my teammates and I filled as well.  But having seen her play a little and witnessing her fierce competitiveness on the court I am convinced she is going to not only be a star for the Gophers, but a fan favorite.

Off the court, the sweet girl who misses her family and her mother's kitchen, perpetually filled with the aroma of roasts of pheasant, turkey and deer her father would hunt, remains. At night, she hears the whir of cars passing beneath her University Avenue dorm room window. The Dinkytown campus and the big city might be just outside, but on her walls are pictures of wide-open spaces and her friends and family back home.

When she pulls on her high-tops, however, Wagner wears a face much different from the one in those photos. The smile is replaced by a ferocious glare, with eyes focused on what's ahead.

This article is a worthwhile read.

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