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Jerry Kill on ESPN: Schedule For Gophers Head Coach (Tentatively At Least)

Coach Kill is on a Bristol barnstorming tour today along with several other B1G head coaches. Here's the tentative schedule.

Gopher Football Facebook

Coach Kill is going to work his magic at the World Wide leader all day today!

The Schedule

Note that this schedule is subject to delay or change as needed. If last year is any indication though, I think they'll stay pretty on track.

Time (CST) ESPN Channel/Writer/Show
8:50 AM Chat
9:30 AM ESPNU Podcast
9:45 AM Brett McMurphy
10:00 AM ESPN Images
10:15 AM Recruiting Nation
10:40 AM Roundtable
11:15 AM Highly Questionable
11:40 PM Ivan Maisel
11:55 PM Travis Haney
12:30 PM College Football Live
12:45 PM Digital Media
1:10 PM ESPN Reporter
1:30 PM SportsCenter

My question is, why is Coach not also going to be on The Ocho?