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Site Stuff: TDG Adds A New Writer!

Everyone please welcome Ryan (otherwise known as @hipstergopher) to the staff.

Good news everyone! Our community continues to grow. We're growing in terms of readers, in terms of commenters, and in terms of writers! I'm happy to introduce you to the newest member of that last category, Mr. Ryan Barland.

Ryan K Barland is the Oral History Curator at the Minnesota Historical Society. He grew up a Gopher fan and his favorite, if haziest, memories from college are of tailgating in the lots near the Dome. When he's not busy doing nerdy historical research, or cheering on the Gophers, he's homebrewing or tweeting from @hipstergopher.

I knew Ryan from Twitter, where he was the guy with all the cool historical photos and stories of Gopher sporting history. On a whim, I reached out and asked if he'd like to contribute an occasional historical FanPost. Ryan jumped at the chance and delivered some great stuff for all of us. Here's a sampling:

When we started talking about adding to the staff, Ryan was a natural choice and we're excited to have him aboard!