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Site Stuff: TDG Adds Two Contributors In One Week!

Everyone please welcome Norsk_Gopher to the staff.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

I'm excited about the fall you guys. I'm excited for Gopher Football, I'm excited for the fall weather, and I'm excited for our community to keep growing. As part of that growth, we at TDG have added another member to our front page ranks -- Norsk_Gopher!

Norsk (who goes by the amazing name of Rolf in real life) has been a very active member of the community in the comments and the FanPosts. He's also a strong supporter of the non-revenue sports at the U, particularly volleyball and soccer. We like to bring folks on from within the community when we can and I'm excited that Rolf's enthusiasm and creativity in the FanPosts has given us that chance!

Rolf has been a Gopher fan for life and has been attending Gopher Football games since the 1980's (my condolences). He's in IT like me and likes to focus his sports watching time on Gopher football, volleyball, hockey, and soccer. He'll provide weekly volleyball coverage for us as well as help bolster our post-game coverage for football.