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Introducing the 2014 The Daily Gopher Big Ten Pickem Contest!!

Make your weekly picks, and win!

You don't get this for winning...sorry
You don't get this for winning...sorry
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Do you like college football?   Do you like Big Ten Football?  Then pay attention!!

Introducing the 2014 The Daily Gopher Big Ten Pickem Contest!!!

I'm sure you have a few lets try to answer them.

How do I play?

Easy.  We are running our contest through

The link to the pool page is HERE!!

Or if you have friends who want to play, and can't click that link for some reason have them go to  and click on join a pool at the top of the screen.  You will need the Pool ID #.  OUR POOL ID # IS 100407.  You will need the pool password.  OUR POOL PASSWORD IS gophers.  All lowercase letters.

What do I do then?

You will be able to pick every game involving a Big Ten team.  The games will lock at the start of the individual game, so you can pick the Gophers game until kickoff Thursday night, but you don't need to pick the Saturday games until Saturday. We are just playing straight up.  No need to worry about point spreads, ranking choices, none of that. Just pick who you think will win.  Its that easy.

So I made my weekly what?

You talk trash in the weekly thread on The Daily Gopher.  We will post a standings update post after every week so you can see where you stand, and you can rip on your friends.

So what are we playing for...pride??

No!  Well...kind of.  There will not be any weekly prizes other than pride.  HOWEVER... we will have a great prize for our final overall champion!   We...just can't announce what it is quite yet as we are still trying to get it cleared by the legal department.  But trust me its an awesome prize!  It is a piece of Gopher history!  It is something not to be missed! what?

1. Join the pool and make your picks.

2. Tell all your friends and have them make picks

3. Wait for the first results post the week of September 1st to see how you did in week one, and keep picking for all of the following weeks!

Got it?  Good!    Good Luck!!