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Goldy Gopher Capital One Mascot Challenge: Help Defeat Joe Bruin!

Joe is off to a fast start. Help Goldy catch him.

The Capital One Mascot Challenge has begun and Goldy has drawn a tough first round opponent. Not because I think Joe Bruin is the better mascot, but because UCLA fans are rabid enough to run the voting up early if given the chance. Don't give them that chance.

In their never ending quest for marketing, Cap One has set up the Challenge so online voting barely counts anymore. Votes are 1 point, Tweets or Facebook posts about the topic given by Cap One are worth 50 points, and pictures relevant to the topic (uploaded via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook) are worth 100 points. You also have to sign in with your Facebook account to vote. That's lame, but whatever.


Go Goldy! Go Gophers! SKI-U-MAH!