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Minnesota Football: Golden Nugz 08-26-14

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

First of all I have a couple snapchat related things to discuss.

The Daily Gopher is going to try this snapchat thing.  How will it work?  Well, for Gopher home games I tend to be on the sidelines for much of the first half and then I'll make my way down at the end of games if things are particularly exciting.  With snapchat I will post pictures and short videos from the tunnel, from the sidelines, from the pressbox and maybe some from the postgame press conferences.

How do you follow me if you have an account?  Search for: thedailygopher

Secondly, gophersports is also going to be using this fancy new social media tool.  Search for: Gophersports to follow them.  They are giving you a sneak peak at the Gopher intro video.  It looks a little something like this for those of you who are older than 24 and don't have snapchat!


If you missed it above. To follow either of us here is who you need to add...



Time for a few Gopher Nugz, we'll start with the local rags.