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Gopher Football: Depth Chart and Injury Report for Eastern Illinois

It's Moose's time to shine
It's Moose's time to shine
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Gophers published the depth chart and injury report for their Thursday night opener against Eastern Illinois.  Points of note:

Two players listed as questionable: Micheal Amaefula and Drew Wolitarsky

Ben Lauer is listed as the 2nd Team Left Tackle, though he is not listed on the injury report.  Josh Campion is listed at the starter at left tackle with Johan Pirsig getting the start at right tackle

Nine true freshmen are listed in the two-deep chart.  Not all will play, but expect a good handful to including Stephen Richardson, Jonathan Celestin, Everett Williams, and possibly Craig James.

David Cobb is the first team running back, but Donnell Kirkwood, Roderick Williams Jr, and Berkley Edwards are all listed as OR on the second team.

Tyler Hartmann appears to have won the starting fullback position over Miles Thomas

Both Ryan Santoso and Andrew Harte are listed as potential starting kickers

Finally, in an interesting listing, both Peter Mortell and Christian Eldred are listed as potential starting punters.


You can click on the link below for a copy in PDF form.

Depth Chart Eastern Illinois