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Minnesota Golden Gophers News, notes, and links: Golden Nugz 8/27/14

That's right, you have to suffer through one more day without football to brighten your life. But tomorrow is a different story. Spears will be broken. Shields will be splintered. A sword day! A red day! And THE SUN RISES!

A little short on time this morning, so we'll get right to it.  Your Westie links:

Gophers running back David Cobb has come a long way in a year | Star Tribune

Jones moves into U dorm, ready to start class, awaiting NCAA's decision | Gridiron Gold |

Burly, blue-collar Big Ten West is wide open | Star Tribune

Gophers basketball recruit Diedhiou denied entry to university | Star Tribune

Big Ten West Division story lines | Star Tribune

Could Iowa push past Wisconsin, Nebraska in the Big Ten West? | Star Tribune

Spartans look like beasts of the Big Ten East | Star Tribune

Big Ten East: New blood flows in new division | Star Tribune

Your Eastie links:

Gophers basketball: Gaston Diedhiou ineligible for first semester -

College football: Wisconsin, Iowa look like teams to beat in Big Ten West -

Gophers football is a hotter ticket -

Tracy Claeys goes where Gophers need him, and this season that's back upstairs -

Your Northern links:

Tyler Mason's Aug. 27 Minnesota Gophers mailbag | FOX Sports

Five biggest storylines for Gophers in 2014 | FOX Sports

South doesn't exist in Minnesota so I'm not posting any links.

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