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Heisman Winning Bruce Smith Remembered

We celebrate the dawn of a new season by celebrating one of the greatest Gophers!

Bruce looking handsome
Bruce looking handsome
University of Minnesota

Happy 1st-Game-Of-The-Season Day Ya'll!

On a more somber note, today marks 47 years since the passing of Heisman Trophy winner, Gopher's halfback, and all around hoss, Bruce Smith.

I had hoped to have more on Bruce's life in today's post, but I haven't finished reading this book yet so a more in depth post will have to wait.  

Bruce, the son of a Gopher football player, played on back to back National Championship Gopher Football teams in 1940 & 1941. In 1991 Sports Illustrated wrote a great piece on his life.  He is nationally remembered for accepting the Heisman just days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Anyone in southern Minnesota should check out the Rice County Historical Society's exhibit on Bruce. It's a great collection of football history in his hometown of Faribault.

Here is a photo of Bruce making a tackle in that famous 1940 game against Michigan. He wasn't just an offensive player.   

If you're curious to hear his full Heisman speech it's here.

Bruce Smith died at the all to young age of 47 after his battle with cancer, but his memory lives on!

Now go enjoy some Gopher football!