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Minnesota vs. Eastern Illinois: Predictions and Goals For The Home Opener

What I think we'll see tonight and what I hope we'll see tonight.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

I think Minnesota is going to win tonight. That's less a prediction and more a statement of fact because I feel very good about this team and this game. That said, I have a vision in mind for HOW I'd like to see Minnesota win this game and it's in the spirit of my optimistic thoughts that I share these predictions and hopes for tonight.


A Minnesota running back rushes for over 150 yards tonight. I assume that running back is David Cobb but given the depth of the position I won't guess.

Theiren Cockran notches two sacks. This feels a little bold somehow, but I want to watch TC come flying out of the blocks.

The Gophers force two turnovers. Call it one INT and one forced fumble.


Actually, lets call these goals. Because if the Gophers do these things we're going to enjoy watching them get their first win comfortably.

No false starts. Never going to happen, but if it does I will melt with happiness inside.

Mitch Leidner completes 60% of his passes. We want to believe Moose. Show us something.

No Minnesota turnovers. EIU is going to some momentum swings in order to win. I don't want to see the Gophers in a giving mood.

Donovahn Jones or KJ Maye deliver a long and exciting TD catch. SPEED YA'LL.

Berkley Edwards gives us multiple tastes of the lightening and 1 TD. DID I MENTION I WANTED TO SEE SPEED?

Hold EIU's offense to under 4.5 yards per play. Straight up domination would be nice.

What do you want to see?