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Minnesota Golden Gophers Football News, Notes, Pictures, and Links (Golden Nuggz 8/4/14)

Your daily dose of Gophers sports coverage from around the interwebz begins... NOW.

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Here's a special section of links for those of you who enjoy pictures and videos opposed to texts.  This will also be a good section for those of you who are dieing to see photos from fall camp.  Enjoy.

Gophers' first football practice | Star Tribune

Gophers football practice Sunday, Aug. 3 | Star Tribune

Gophers' Kill talks freshmen | Star Tribune How many names of freshmen does Coach Kill know by heart?  Let's find out.

Audio from

On to the traditional links:

Fall Camp '14: Offensive Line Preview - University of Minnesota Official Athletic Site

Gophers running back David Cobb shooting for a record season -

People familiar with Ra'Shede Hageman are familiar with his legendary short temper.  So, I wasn't too surprised to see this roll across the wire today: Ra’Shede Hageman injures wrist in fight at practice | I just hope that the injury isn't too serious and we can enjoy watching Shede rip up NFL offensive lines all season long.  On a secondary note, can you imagine getting into a shoving match with Ra'Shede Hageman?  I'm sure that the Joe Hawley is a larger human being than I am, but oh man, if Shede got angry at me, I would flee the country.

Finally, here are a couple stories about everyone's favorite moose.

Leidner displays poise, precision in Gophers drills | Star Tribune

Limegrover sees Leidner trying too hard sometimes, and notes a change in how Kill is handling the QB | Gridiron Gold |

Those two links contain the same quotes, and I'll let you read them at the host site.  I do have a couple of comments to share.  I thought it was interesting for Limegrover to note that Coach Kill is usually really hard on quarterbacks.  I'm glad to see that Kill is trying to build Mitch Leidner's confidence by not being overly critical or lighting him up in front of the whole team for errors.  As noted in the story, he is, after all, a redshirt sophomore and not a redshirt senior.

Limegrover noted that Kill's approach to QB play has changed, which leads me to the inescapable conclusion that both Leidner and Philip Nelson experienced a different approach last year.  I just wonder if the harsher approach prevented either QB from having the confidence to take the job for himself.  I concede that they both made throws last year that would make any coach go nuclear.

So that's it for today, Gopher fans.  If you find anything noteworthy in your trolling today, make sure to put it in the comments.