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ESPN's The Season: VOTE BRONKO!!!!

ESPN debuted a new feature today called, "The Season".  In "The Season" ESPN staff picked the greatest individual season for each College Football team in the country.  The Gopher's nominee is the 1929 season of Bronko Nagurski.

ESPN wrote on the Nagurski nomination:

Minnesota: Bronko Nagurski, FB/DT, 1929

Led nation in rushing yards (737); All-American at FB and DT

The most dominant all-around player of his era earned first-team All-America honors at both tackle and fullback. Grantland Rice wrote, "Eleven Nagurskis [on a team] ... would be something close to murder and massacre."

No too shabby eh?  When you have Grantland Rice waxing eloquently about you, you probably are a pretty special guy.

Which brings us to the major point of this article.  We all know Gopher Football history and how special Bronko was to Minnesota.  However, you can guess that a lot of others have no idea.  ESPN took its top 16 nominees from "The Season" and put them in a tournament to determine the best College Football season of All-Time.  Bronko's season was given the #5 seed.  Now... if you know the how the NCAA Tournament works, you know the #5/#12 matchup always seems to go towards the #12 seed for some reason. ESPN knows this, and has stacked the deck against Bronko.  His opponent:  Johnny Freaking Football.

Bronko Nagurski CAN NOT lose to Johnny Manziel.  WE WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!!!

So here's where you all come in.  VOTE HERE NOW!!!!

Then if you have Twitter, use the button next to the vote button to tweet out your vote.  If you don't use Twitter..spread the word via e-mail, word of mouth, smoke signal...anything to not let Bronko lose to Johnny Freaking Football.  Don't dishonor a good man like that.  No one deserves that ignominy, especially not Bronko.