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The Daily Gopher Big Ten Pickem- Week 1 Results

Out of 80 contestants....only one is perfect so far.

Only 5 people had Rutgers beating Washington State!
Only 5 people had Rutgers beating Washington State!
Otto Greule Jr

Thanks to all of the people who have decided to play in our contest this season.  We have 80!! entries into the contest, and when you take out TDG staff members, or at least those of us who signed up under our screennames on here, there are 76 of you who will have a chance to win our grand season end prize.  We promise we will tell you soon what that will be.

As for the results after week one:  Out of 80  entries, only one of you got all 14 games correct.  Impressive.  So blake47s if you post on TDG under another screenname, or that one (I just don't immediately recognize it)  congrats on the early lead.  Ten other players got 13 out of 14 correct.  There are some familiar screennames in here.  So congrats to the following for being just one point off the lead after the first week:











The vast remainder of the players either got 12 or 11 correct, and are very much still in this contest.  Fourteen games down, 104 left to go.

The game that was the worst picked was Rutgers vs Washington State, where only five of you picked the Scarlet Knights to win.

The full standings can be located here.

Don't forget to make your picks for Week 2.  13 games are on the schedule and at least six of them could be toss-ups.

Good Luck!