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Minnesota Golden Gophers Football News, Notes, and Links: Golden Nugz 9/10/14

We're halfway to Saturday. Let's take a look at what's happening around the world of Gophers sports on a Wednesday in Minneapolis.

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Random basketball link to be followed by FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL.  A Conversation with Mo Walker.

I've decided to dub this the year as "The Year of The Knee Injury," so let's get all of that out of the way, shall we?

The ACL's fifth victim is Nick Rallis.

Somehow Mitch Leidner avoided the ACL blowout.

Maxx Williams is sure that Leidner will be on the field on Saturday.

Coach Kill says Leidner is practicing and preparing for the Horned Frogs.

But don't trust anything you hear until gametime, says Chip.

So where does that leave us?  Well, your guess is as good as anyone's about who's under center against TCU.

In case you were wondering the effect of all these injuries?  Well, the Gophers have already doubled the count of true freshmen who have played in games this year compared to last.

Maxx Williams got some love in the papers today.  Here's a video of Coach Limegrover talking about calling Williams' number.  Also, Maxx wants to be better than Devin Funchess.  Now that's a goal!

In case you didn't know, the late Jim Wacker coached at both TCU and Minnesota.  Tom Powers has a piece on Wacker and is sort of attempting to have this game name "The Wacker Bowl."  Not sure that's going to catch on.

Speaking of TCU, an intrepid Gopher fan asked the good people at Frogs of War for some advice in getting around town. Something to check out if you're going to the game on Saturday.

Here's a story about two guys from Iowa (at least one of them a Hawkeyes fan) with a mission to see all 128 FBS schools play a game... live. That's some dedication.

The Champagne Room ranks the B1G Ten.  They put the Gophers a little lower on their list than I think they deserve, but it's a good list... other than picking Indiana at #1. What?

GoAUpher wanted a link included about *GASP* premier league soccer.  So here's what a real football fan think of their cute little futbol game across the pond.

Finally, I'm thinking of putting on my tinfoil hat and writing a bigger piece on this, but I thought I would link to the source here.  College GameDay is once again heading to Fargo. The ESPN people claim that NDSU is just such a good story that they HAD to go back for a second consecutive year.  After all, the Bison are playing Incarnate Word.  What's not to love about that matchup?  Here's a little preview angle on my story: ESPN Hates the Big Ten for having the audacity to start their own television network and aligning with Fox Sports.  Look forward to that.