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Minnesota Golden Gopher Football, Basketball, Hockey, and More When you Like The Daily Gopher on Facebook

The Gophers' patented flying helicopter kick claims yet another victim.
The Gophers' patented flying helicopter kick claims yet another victim.
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

So it's Wednesday, and I'm looking for a way to keep this "Like us on Facebook" post fresh and interesting, and I think I've got something here.  We're doing a photo-captioning contest.  Yup, it almost seems like cheating, because it is.  I'm looking for a way to manipulate convince you to like us on Facebook.  Please do so using the handy box right here.

First, you would be doing us a real solid.  We're in an unofficial (meaning they don't know they're participating) race to gain more followers than our sister sites.  The next closest site to us is The Champaign Room.  Here's the bad news: they have nearly double the number of Facebook friends we have.



Yes it hurts me to admit that.

Anyway, back to the contest.  So each week I'll be posting my "like us on Facebook post."  To make it fun for you, our readers, that post will also be a contest to come up with the best caption for the articles cover photo.  I will choose the winner based on whatever criteria I feel like (your best bet is funny) at the time.  I'll announce the winner and post the photo with the winner's caption.  Where?  On our Facebook Page!!  Make sure to put your caption in the comments section.

I'm sorry to say that pride is the only prize I can offer at this point, but I'll try and manipulate convince Gopher Nation and GoAUpher to open their deep, deep, super-deep wallets because real prizes are better.

Your first weekly contest photo is above.  Have at it!  And thanks, as always, for frequenting The Daily Gopher.  It wouldn't be the same without you.