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Gopher Soccer Review / Preview – Week 3

The Gophers had a tough weekend in the Rebel Classic but look forward to their Big Ten Season opener this Friday.

Gopher Soccer 2014
Gopher Soccer 2014
University of Minnesota


The Gophers traveled to the heat of the south for the Rebel Classic and came away a little burnt. Despite a great effort to #GIVEEVERYTHING, they lost their first match in double overtime and were not able to score enough goals in their second match. The Gophers now stand at 3-3-0 (0-0-0) on the season. Keep reading for a breakdown of the games and a preview of what will come next when they travel to Michigan for the Big Ten season opener.




Game 1: Friday, 9/5/2014 at Ole Miss (9:00 pm)



The Gopher's entered the game against the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) (2-1-1, 0-0-0 SEC), after winning both of their games the week before including an upset at home over Marquette University. That momentum would carry over to this came when the Gophers held a two goal lead at during the second half with scores by #11 Josee Stiever (MF - SO) at the 55th minute and #2 Simone Kolander (F/MF - SO) at the 69th minute. Unfortunately this wouldn't last due to the excellent play of the Rebel's #20 Olivia Harrison (F/MF - JR) who would score three answered goals at the 78th, 82nd, 107th minute. The Gophers and the Rebels have played each other once before; in 2013 the Rebels lost to Minnesota 1-0 in Minnesota, that game also was decided in overtime. Read the official Gopher recap of the game here.



Game 2: Sunday, 9/7/2014 vs Auburn (@ Ole Miss, Noon)



After a day's break, the Gophers would try again against the Tigers from Auburn (5-1-0, 0-0-0 SEC), . The Tigers proved too much, defeating the Gophers 3-1. Tiger's player #8 Courtney Schell (MF/F - FR) got things off to a quick start by scoring the 18th minute. The Gophers would fight back, tying the game only 16 minutes later on a goal by #16 Rachel McCloskey (D/MF - FR). The rest of the game would be tight with no more scores until the final 12 minutes. In the last 12 minute period, the Tigers would score twice, first by #24 Brooke Ramsier (F - SO) at the 79 minute and by #22 Logan Beal (F - JR) at the 82' minute. Read the official Gopher recap of the game here.



While not ranked at the start of the game, Auburn is now ranked #18 in the country. In both games, the Gophers would trail their opponents on shot on goal (17-12, 17-8) and corner kicks (8-1, 4-2). You can see the full NCAA rankings here.


The Golden Gophers will travel to the state of Michigan to open the Big Ten Season on Friday & Sunday. On Friday the will take on the #39 Wolverines in Ann Arbor (7:00 PM CST). After a day's break they will travel to East Lansing to face the #46 Spartans (11:00 AM CST on BTN Plus). The Michigan Wolverines are 4-2-0 (0-0-0) while the MSU Spartans are 6-0-0 (0-0-0). The Wolverines may two loses were both shutouts and came against San Diego and San Diego State, both of whom shutout the Wolverines (5-0 & 3-0). Against other opponents the Wolverines are 4-0 outscoring their opponents 11-0. The Spartans actually beat San Diego State so I'm not sure why they have fewer votes than Michigan. MSU has outscored their opponents 14-4, but did take them two overtimes to win their last game against Western Michigan. These games will be a challenge but the Gophers can beat them as long as the #GIVEEVERYTHING. Ski-U-Mah!