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Minnesota Golden Gophers Football and Basketball News, Links, and Notes: Golden Nugz 9/12/14

Hienz Gitzvelvet video!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Kill, Coach of the Minnesota Golden Gophers, and Gary Patterson, Coach of the TCU Horned Frogs, are friends.  They mutually enjoy each others' company.  They call each other at home.  Maybe they both have a dorsal fins.

Here are some stories about their relationship.

Close friends Jerry Kill, Gary Patterson meet when Minnesota Gophers visit TCU | FOX Sports

U's Jerry Kill, TCU's Gary Patterson share friendship, coaching history -

Close friends Kill, Patterson to be football rivals Saturday | Star Tribune

There was some cruitin' news on the football front yesterday, with RB Shannon Brooks announcing his commitment to the Gophers.

We've had tons of TCU coverage at The Daily Gopher so far, but here are some links to other sources you might enjoy if we haven't sated your preview lust.

TCU Horned Frogs represent tougher benchmark for 2-0 Minnesota Gophers | FOX Sports

5 things to watch: Minnesota Gophers at TCU Horned Frogs | FOX Sports

Now this is a hydration plan: pickle juice - Gophers Now

Now on to some more general Gophers Football coverage.

College Football Insider: Gophers emphasize opportunity, not failures, in Big Ten | Star Tribune

Big Ten Power Poll | Star Tribune

On to Golden Gopher basketball, where Facilitiesmas and dynamic young coach are having a visible effect on the program.  First of all, the updates to the Bierman gym look great, according to Coach Pitino.  That should help in landing big time recruits and attracting local talent to the U.  Right Jarvis Johnson?  Right.  Just wait until they have a brand-spanking new facility in a couple of years.

We always enjoy getting the non-revs some love at the TDG, but it's nice to see it happening in the local rags too.  Here's a nice feature on Alyssa Goehner, Minnesota native.  ONE OF US!

In college hockey news, the NCHC has announced an internet streaming package for the league.  Isn't that precious?  This will probably add to their narrative that they're the "best" college hockey league.  LOL.  They're a bunch of castoffs, I say.

Non sports news, but interesting none the less.  The U wants to keep tuition frozen (I believe this is sensible and good for students), but wants the state's taxpayers to pony up an additional $127,000,000.00 to accomplish that goal.  From the article:

More than half the added funding, $65.2 million, would be used to keep undergraduate tuition at $12,060 per year at the Twin Cities campus. Graduate and medical school tuition also would be frozen under the plan that affects state residents and students from states with in-state tuition agreements.

So you're telling me that without $67 million in taxpayer funds, you can't freeze tuition? You're doing something wrong.  They're proposing a budget of $1.33 BILLION.  That number include students' tuition and fees and other costs.  I think you could probably find $65 million somewhere in that budget.  The U's proposal puts state funding at $684.4 million. Let the enormity of those numbers sink in a bit.

That's all I've got for today.  Go Gophers!