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Minnesota at TCU: Predictions For The Gophers And Hopes For A Victory

What I think we'll see Saturday and what I hope we'll see Saturday.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we've come to it. The first game where I won't treat a Gopher win as a certainty. I'm not going to include it in the Hopes section though because I think we all know it goes without saying. For whatever reason my normally boundless optimism is more tempered this week. I'm not gloomy at all, just pretty confident Minnesota won't pull this one out. I blame the gray weather here in Greater Cincy today. So lets talk about how the Gophers can bring a little sunshine into all of our lives.


Damien Wilson leads the team in tackles with another double digit performance. This is on track to being an assumed thing. Dude's a beast.

David Cobb rushes for just under 100 yards. My crystal ball says TCU sells out and takes him away, allowing Berkley Edwards and Kirkwood to step up. Cobb still gets it done near the goal line though with at least 1 TD.

Mitch Leidner and Chris Streveler alternate series. We say a bunch of this last season, won't be surprised to see it again.


Peter Mortell goes #PUNTERSTACHE and pins TCU inside their 20 at least 3 times. Field position will be especially key to taking a road victory. Give me more GIFable moments Peter!

Berkley Edwards has at least 2 explosive plays that get the Gophers big yards. An antidote to passing game woes? Big plays via the run or via the high % pass (like a swing to a speedy back perhaps).

NO ONE GETS HURT. Seriously.

DID I MENTION NO ONE GETS HURT? What do you want Jobu? I have many bourbons...

No Minnesota turnovers. Don't do it. Just don't do it.

Gophers keep the interception parade going. A pick six would be a nice cherry on that sundae.

TCU fans join Minnesota fans in chanting Better Dead Than Red. Because why not?