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Minnesota Football: Big Ten Single Game Tickets On Sale Wednesday Morning

Looking to buy single game tickets for the conference games once they went on sale? The day has been announced.

Hannah Foslien

If you're in the market for single game tickets to the Gopher's Big Ten Conference home games, then this is a story you'll want to read. The U just announced that those tickets will go on sale to the general public Wednesday morning at 9am. If you're someone with a high enough level of Gopher Points (my guess is, anyone with season tickets to any sport) you can buy them starting today at 9am as part of the exclusive pre-sale. If you qualify for the pre-sale you should have already received an email from the U to the email associated with your Gopher Points (i.e. season ticket) account.

Here is the pricing breakdown for the B1G single game tickets:

Northwestern: $30

Purdue: $50

Iowa: $75

Ohio State: $75

One important note...these are the "starting at" prices. I would assume that single game seats in the sections of the stadium with mandatory seat donations will cost incrementally with each donation seating level. That's been the trend in recent seasons and I don't see why the U would change it.

Why is Purdue more despite it being a crappier team? They earned the Homecoming Weekend markup. Unsurprisingly, Iowa and OSU are the premium games for this year's schedule. Guess we'll see how many Iowa fans want to pay the U to sit in the temporary bleachers. I like the U making money, but my hope is "not that many."