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Minnesota Golden Gophers News, Notes, and Links: Golden Nugz 9/17/14

Cooper Neill

Per, to throw shade means:

to talk trash about a friend or aquaintance, to publicly denounce or disrespect. it's immediately obvious to on-lookers that the thrower, and not the throwee, is the bitcy, uncool one.

I would hate to look bitchy and uncool in front of the legion of teenage girls that read this blog and say things like "throw shade," so I'm going to instead throw Schaden[freude] towards the state of Iowa, which is reaching the level of mass hysteria after their embarrassing loss to... well themselves I guess.  I begin hurling Shaden by posting this link from Forbes, which claims that despite the enormous cost of buying-out Kirk Ferentz, Iowa could still do it.  The second Shaden-toss comes in the form of this defense of Ferentz. Wait, did he just throw Schaden at us?  Whatever, Iowa.  I hope you rend all your hideous black and yellow clothing, VW Microbuses, garages, and whatever else you've inexplicably painted in that palette.

Marc Dantonio says he won't run up the score on anyone to try and seal a playoff spot.  We'll see, Dantonio.

Want to see the dumbest thing you'll ever see in a football game?  Here it is, an Arkansas State player faking his own death on a fake punt.  What's great is when the coach says it was "believable."  The play made it to as well.

Penn State fans still love JoePa, facts be damned.

Gopher alumnus Lawrence McKenzie has an ear for music, according to Amelia.

Hockey links!  We're inching closer and closer to Gophers hockey.  In fact, the team can already be on the ice, in a limited manner.  First up, get used to the rules changes for this year with the NCAA's rules video used to educate officials.

Secondly, here's an article that confirms all my biases about B1G Ten officials (looking at you McInchak) having no consistency in their calls.  The part is, they poll the officials on a given play, get a 50/50 split on what the call should be, and Steve Piotrowski, the coordinator of officiating basically laughs-off the fact that half of his officials are wrong on a given call.

I can defend you to the end of the world on your judgment. But if you miss a rule, I have no choice but to tell that coach [you] screwed up.

Newsflash, Steve: unfamiliarity with rules very rarely gets an official in hot water. What makes a coaches go crazy is terrible, terrible, terrible judgment (scroll to the dishonorable mention at the bottom).

And now, on to the football news.  First: Injury Stuff.  Via Gridiron Gold. Via Gridiron Gold V2.  Via  Via

Coach Kill thinks O-Line continuity is important *video*.  And the coaching staff is none-too-pleased with the O-Line's performance so far.

Wolitarsky and KJ Maye both pulled in their first receptions of the season last week.  Oh, and more injury news: Isiah Gentry needs surgery and is out for the year.  The staff is still weighing Melvin Holland Jr.'s redshirt.

Mitch Leidner is looking to improve, which is what we all want too.  We're all just worried that the injuries will hamper that... See what I did there?  Blogging.

Jalen Myrick talks about allowing two TDs and how defensive backs need short memories. A very mature sounding young man.

Tyler Mason has a Gophers mailbag for FSN.

Finally, that mean, hurtful Gary Patterson tried to roll back his mean, hurtful statements about the Gophers being an FCS team.  Too little to late, Patterson!  We got hurt feelings!